Types of Big Game Hunts

Cassidy Outfitters offers a variety of types of big game hunts for the serious hunting enthusiast.  Our types of big game hunts include:

Both archery and rifle hunts

Antelope Hunts

Elk Hunts

Bear Hunts – usually in combination with a deer or elk hunt

Whitetail and Mule deer hunts

We also provide a variety of other hunts upon request including Big Horn sheep, Mountain goat, and Bison.

Small game hunts for coyote and prairie dogs can also be arranged.

Our private land hunts take place at our Packrat ranch or at the Lisco Ranch: The Lisco Ranch is offering a very limited number of hunters the opportunity for deer and antelope hunts on their ranch. The Lisco family will be offering all lodging, meals, and the sons do the guiding. I will handle the booking for the ranch. This is a 5 day fully guided deer and antelope hunt (or antelope only) by the Lisco family. Both deer and antelope licenses are on a drawing with a End of May Deadline. Because of the number of available licenses and the large amount of private property, the draw has a high chance of being 100% successful, sometimes with licenses left over.

Guided colorado Antelope Hunts; types of big game huntsColorado guided elk hunts; types of big game hunts

Join us in some beautiful country for some awesome hunting opportunities!