Mule & Whitetail Deer Hunts

  • Late Sesaon Rut Hunt

Eastern Colorado Mule & Whitetail Deer Hunts

All dates are tentative until set by the Colorado Department of Wildlife!

Regular Season – Mule & Whitetail

The Eastern Colorado Mule & Whitetails Deer Hunts are on a drawing with limited number of licenses available. The limited number of hunters has resulted in an increase in both the number and quality of our deer. When you draw a tag in our area it is good for either a Mule Deer or a Whitetail Hunt. Colorado has a preference point system and also has a percentage of licenses allotted to the landowner. This system has enabled our hunters to draw a tag with high success using the landowner preference we have available to us. Most regular season hunts you can draw allow you to hunt with us using our landowner preference. Late season hunts will take points in addition to our landowner preference. This year we will again have available a number of landowner vouchers which will enable you to purchase a license without having to draw a tag or use any accumulated preference points.


Rifle and Muzzle-loading Mountain Hunts

Dates and Rates

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All hunts are on PRIVATE PROPERTY located in Southeastern and South central Colorado. We offer both regular and late season hunts on the plains. We have over 300,000 acres available to hunt on these ranches. Lodging on the ranches is in comfortable houses. These houses are part of the ranch and have showers and electricity, making a very nice hunting camp with home cooked meals and excellent guides. It is also possible to combine an Elk hunt or a Bison Hunt with a Mule or Whitetail Deer Hunt. As you can tell we are Trophy Deer hunters and our success and results speak for themselves. We have a long list of hunters with B&C bucks on their wall from our Eastern Plains hunts. The bucks are here and we know how to hunt them. We are constantly finding and opening new country for our clients. Preference Points take time and patience to get, don’t waste them! However remember things are changing in Colorado; the residents want more licenses and there are major changes coming to the future of the preference point system. Go now, use your points, and start over. You have earned them and now is the time to take advantage of your patience.


Regular Season Deer Hunts – Pintada Ranch

The Mule Deer hunt will be on the Pintada Ranch this year. This is a hunt in the rugged canyons and rim rocks trailing out into the CRP and Prairie lands of South Eastern Colorado. The ranch has a newly remodeled ranch house with showers, satellite TV, etc. that makes for an enjoyable stay during your hunt. The Whitetail hunt will be on Two Buttes Ranch. (Scroll down for more information on Two Buttes.)

Dates and Rates

See our dates and rates page for information.

We will be able to obtain your license for this regular season hunt without any preference points. You will draw your license and you will go hunting! This is a very enjoyable hunt as you will also see Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Elk, and Turkeys in the canyons, pheasant and quail in the prairie lands, and Mule Deer and Whitetails in both. 


Late Season Trophy Deer Hunts

The Late Deer Season on the Eastern Plains runs from December 1-14 each year. We will again be offering 6 day hunts this fall. Historically the licenses in the late seasons are more limited and it therefore requires more preference points, and patience, to draw a tag. Therefore we feel that after waiting so long to get a license you need to devote as much time available into getting your Trophy Buck.

Dates and Rates

See our dates and rates page for information.


Two Buttes Association

We have joined several ranches in the Two Buttes drainage together to form a large association to offer quality deer hunting for both Mule Deer and Whitetails during the Regular and Late seasons. We have seen an increase in the number of Whitetails seen and taken in this area. Some Whitetail bucks in the 170″ class have been taken during the regular season. It will take 1-2 points to draw a tag for the regular season in this area, we have a few landowner tags available as well. Success has been near 100% for both the Mule Deer and Whitetails. Housing is provided in a very nice house located on one of the ranches. Dates and Rates are listed above.

Colorado’s best kept secret is the Trophy Whitetails that can be found in the Eastern Plains Country of Colorado. We have leased miles of prime private property river bottom and crop land. Since we acquired these leases many years ago, the hunting pressure has been restricted, therefore the quality of bucks has increased. Each year bucks in the 170+ B&C range are seen and taken. Due to the 5 year season structure the dates have moved back later in November, this will greatly help us hit the rut as the Whitetails peak around the 10th of November and we have a secondary rut in December.The hunting is mainly spot and stalk in the prairie and CRP fields, and it has been very successful. With an excellent buck to doe ratio, limited hunting, and continued management practices we have a high number of Trophy class animals. Hunts in both the November Rut and December are available. 





Hunting in December during the Mule Deer Rut is a great time to be afield. Canyons that earlier had no deer now hold a monster buck; deer move any time of day, and you never know what is around the next corner or what will show up tomorrow! When a big buck decides it is time, he will cover miles and any type of country looking for a doe. Last fall we were again near 100% on true trophy class bucks including several near the magical 200″mark. This was not an unusual year as we have taken top awards in the Colorado Outfitters Association Best of Species for many years. Preference points for these hunts have risen to 3+ in some units and many more in others. We also may have a few late season vouchers available. 

Beginning around a month after the November rut a second rut comes in for the does that were missed the first time. This rut is much more noticeable and the bucks become more aggressive as the number of available does is small. Some truly monster Whitetails have been seen this time of year, including a 190″+ buck. One of the larger ranches in the association has several miles of river bottom that has produced some great whitetails. We will be housed at the same ranch as the Mule Deer hunt and send the hunter and guide to the ranch and concentrate on the Whitetails there. We also hunt the northern river drainages for trophy whitetails as well. The populations of our whitetails continue to grow and we took several bucks over 175″ this year.


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