Coyote / Turkey Hunts

Colorado Open range Turkey, Prairie Dog, Coyotes and Varmints

Turkey, Coyote and Prairie Dog - Pintada Ranch

Travel to Eastern Colorado for this combination hunt! We will be able to hunt Turkeys, Merriams or Rio Grande, Coyotes, and Prairie Dogs on a private ranch. Bring your shotgun and your varmint rifle and lots of ammunition. We will hunt Turkeys in the mornings, Prairie Dogs during the day and call Coyotes in the evenings. You can schedule the hunt during any time the season is open.

Dates and Rates

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Dates to be arranged with the Ranch
4 days of hunting
(Ask about special group rates)

Hunt morning and evenings calling the many coyotes on the same ranch we hunt deer on, in Western Colorado. Mid-Day bring out the long range guns for some prairie dog shooting.

This 4 day hunt in Eastern Colorado is all on private property and there is no season or limit for either coyotes or prairie dogs. A small game license is all that is needed. We will be housed at our Deer Camp, with comfortable beds, showers and Monday night Football so schedule now.